The Safe Schools program is necessary


In a world where discrimination is rife and acts of violence ensue, it is so important to have programs like the Safe Schools program helping to break down barriers.  The Daylesford Dharma School has had Safe Schools run their program and it has been very well received. We need programs like Safe Schools to combat discrimination head on.

Diversity is what makes this country great and in order to combat discrimination we need programs that promote equality and educate on the similarities and differences we all have.  At the Daylesford Dharma School we teach the students the importance of accepting people for who they are no matter their race, culture, gender or background.

The Safe Schools Program delivered a well balance, age appropriate education session to our entire school from Prep through to Grade 6.  The students developed a greater understanding and awareness of different gender identities and were very receptive to the session.

We feel privileged to have had access to experts in this area to provide these informative and well balanced education sessions to our students.

We are proud to be a Safe School.

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