Teachers are amazing!

It has been a while since I stepped into the classroom but yesterday through numerous circumstances I found myself taking on the role of “Casual Relief Teacher”.

Through this experience I was struck not only by the wonder of teaching but of how incredible teachers are in their roles as educators of our children.

The energy, passion and dedication that is required to turn up each day to a sea of eager faces ready to learn is something to behold.  I have to admit that I only covered the class for a couple of hours but by the end of it I was completely sapped of energy this only served to demonstrate further what teachers must put in to their role each and every day.

Since working in education I have had numerous people say to me “Oh you work in a school, the amount of holidays must be great”.  I’m sure that prior to being in this position I may have been guilty of making such a comment to a teacher also.

The fact is that the regular holidays throughout the year are necessary for teachers to recharge their energy reserves so they can do it all again the next term.  This cycle can often mean that educators are plagued by “teachers curse” which means by the time they get to their holidays they fall in a heap and often suffer from sickness for the holiday period as they have been operating at such a high level to keep the enthusiasm and learning happening in the classroom throughout the term.

So I bow down to the teaching profession and all that embody it. You are truly unique, wondrous human beings who give so much of yourselves so that our children may learn and grow and become the adults we want them to be.  I applaud you and thank you for the amazing work that you do and feel humbled to have experienced what you navigate each and every day.