Don’t suffer in silence


I’ve had a few experiences lately and observed some others also that have highlighted the need to remind myself of the importance of questions.  Without questions our minds run through many possible stories and ideas based purely on assumptions and conjecture.  What can often happen is that we tie ourselves in knots resulting in fear, anxiety, frustration and sometimes anger.  When we ask questions, when we are curious, we are seeking information and facts that help us to understand. They provide us with the opportunity to allay our fears and concerns and not to make up stories in our heads.

Mark Twain reflected “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Our minds are incredible at projecting the best, the worst or the in-between scenario when we let them loose.  With curiosity and vulnerability we can get the answers we seek simply by asking questions.  It takes courage to ask questions, to admit you do not know the answer or for fear of appearing stupid.  If we open ourselves to the vulnerability we are likely to feel more contented and at peace with the knowledge and understanding we seek rather than the anxiety and fear of the unknown or what our mind has made up.

So I encourage you to be curious, to ask questions, to seek the answers rather than to suffer in silence at the mercy of your own mind. We need to encourage this curiosity in our children so they too do not suffer in silence.

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  1. I love this blog (just started receiving them). It’s a valuable reminder about how powerful anxiety is and how it plays havoc with the mind – that as human beings we’re so inventive that when we have gaps in the story or information, we don’t hold back and fill in those gaps. Coloured by anxiety and fears, that is often to our own and others detriment! We simply didn’t ask …
    Great message, Joel.

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