The importance of a kind heart

A kind heart is the essential cause of happiness. Being kind to others is the nicest thing we can do for ourselves.  When we respect others and are considerate of their needs, opinions and wishes, hostility evaporates.  It takes two people to fight, and if we refuse to be one of them, there is no quarrel.

Thubten Chodron

As we welcome new students to the school this year it has been amazing to observe the older kids really demonstrating a ‘kind heart’.  The care and compassion they show to the new prep kids is nothing short of astounding.

Sometimes I think how can we bottle this innate compassion as these young people grow into adults.  How do we ensure the continuation of a ‘kind and open heart’?

Role modelling is what keeps coming up to me as the answer, we need to demonstrate and model the way we would like them to be.  Connecting with our own heart and being true to our natural state of being is what we must do.

So much of learning comes from what we see and practice not just from what we hear.  I really like the point that Thubten Chodron raises above about it taking two to fight but we have a choice as to whether we are one of them or not.

So let us all make wise choices of how we speak, think and act and model a kind heart, so that the kind heart of all of those around us has the opportunity to shine and thrive.