Schedule of Fees

The Daylesford Dharma School makes every effort to keep fee levels as accessible as possible. As such we offer a standard fee rate, a concession rate and a discount for siblings. We acknowledge that from time to time families may undergo financial hardship, and to support inclusiveness we encourage families to negotiate fee arrangements with the school administrator.

Our levied fees are dependent on the need to meet school running costs and the total of grants received and will therefore need to be reassessed annually. We are a not-for-profit education provider who reinvests any budget surplus back into the school programmes and facilities.

Enrolment Application Fee: $50 payable with the enrolment application. This is a non-refundable administration fee.

Fee Payments: Fees will be invoiced a term in advance and are payable by the first day of term.

Sibling Concessions: A sibling discount of 10% applies for each subsequent sibling enrolled at the school.

Fee Concession: To be eligible for the concession rate, the family must be an eligible recipient of a Centrelink health care card.

Other Items: There is an annual materials levy that is billed each term. From time to time there will be small charges made for pre-arranged excursions and special events visiting the school. A school t-shirt will be billed when supplied to the student.


School Fees

Term Full Tuition Fee $  |  Concession Tuition Fee $


1. FULL $768.75  |  CONCESSION $525

2. FULL $768.75  |  CONCESSION $525

3. FULL $768.75  |  CONCESSION $525

4. FULL $768.75  |  CONCESSION $525


Fee per annum $3075  |  $2100


The booklist fee for 2018 will be a one-off fee at the beginning of the school year as follows:
Grade Booklist Fee:
Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4 -  $110
Grade 5 & 6 -  $165

The booklist fee covers all stationery, textbooks, workbooks for personal use in the classroom. These items become the student’s property and therefore they become responsible for the care and replacement for these items. You may be charged for additional workbooks throughout the year as your child progresses to additional levels.

For 2018 we are going to invoice you a set amount per term to contribute towards Camps and Excursions rather than invoicing each excursion or camp separately.

Grade Camp/Excursion Fee per Term Camp/Excursion Fee Yearly Total
Prep, 1 , 2 - Per Term $31.25 - $125 Per Year
Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 - Per Term $50 -  $200 Per Year

Building Levy goes towards the ongoing progress of our school we are asking for families to contribute $20 per term which will go directly into the building fund towards future capital improvements.

Health Care Card Holders:
Families holding a current Health Care Card are entitled to our concession fees and we require a copy of your current card to have on file.