Thank you for your interest in our school, we welcome you to our extended community of individuals with a shared interest in making a change in the world.

We are the first primary school in Australia to offer an education based on Buddhist principles. We are committed to education and the development of each child as a whole individual.

Our approach includes a strong connection with the environment and community and a focus on the creative and performing arts. Our curriculum is well rounded and offers an opportunity for students to explore and discover.
Our guiding principle of non-harm informs all that we do including how we communicate, how we treat others and how we resolve conflict.

Our students are given the opportunity to explore and identify their emotions and what drives them. Thereby becoming more aware of themselves and how they relate to others.

I encourage you to explore and discover for yourself what the Daylesford Dharma School has to offer.

Joel Hines


“ Whatever path of action you find, If this path brings about good and happiness to all, Follow this way like the moon in the path of the stars.”

~ The Buddha