Term Dates


2020 Calendar Dates


Term 1

Start: Monday 3rd February

Parent welcome and induction to the Dharma School: Wednesday 5th February from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Compass training session: Thursday 6th February from 9.15 am

Compass training session: Tuesday 11th February from 2.45 pm

Meet the Teacher and school picnic: Thursday 13th February from 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Chinese New Year Celebration: Friday 14th February from 9:00am

Principal Q and A: Thursday 27th February from 2.30 pm

Pupil Free Day: Friday 6th March

Labour Day: Monday 9th March

Autumn Equinox Fair: Sunday 22nd March

Finish: Friday 27th March


Term 2

Start: Tuesday 14th April

Principal Q and A: Tuesday 21st April from 2.30 pm

Pupil Free Day: Wednesday 6th May

Green Tara (Mother’s) Day: Monday 11th May - 9.00 am: celebrating mother figures in the children’s lives

Vesak Day: Wednesday 20th May - 9.00 am: celebrating the life of Buddha

Queen’s Birthday: Monday 8th June

3 Way Conferences- half day: Tuesday 23rd June (children attend classes until 1.00 pm, and then only attend after 1.00 pm during their conference)

3 Way Conferences- evening: Thursday 25th June (children attend school as normal)

Finish: Friday 26th June


Term 3

Start: Monday 20th July

Principal Q and A: Thursday 23rd July from 2.30 pm

Family Steam Night: Wednesday 12th August from 5.30 pm

Pupil Free Day: Wednesday 26th August

Manjushri (Father’s) Day: Monday 7th September - 9.00 am: children celebrating father figures in the children’s lives

Learning Celebrations: Thursday 17th September

Finish: Friday 18th September


Term 4

Start: Monday 5th October

Principal Q and A: Thursday 8th October from 2.30 pm

Grandparent’s Day: Monday 26th October- 9.00 am: celebrating grandparent figures in the children’s lives

Pupil Free Day: Monday 2nd November

Melbourne Cup: Tuesday 3rd November

Last day of classes: Tuesday 15th December followed by an end of year celebration

3 Way Conferences- full day: Wednesday 16th December (children only attend during their conference)

Finish: Wednesday 16th December

Every Thursday: families are invited to gather after school at 3.20 pm for chai. In 2020 staff will coordinate this, however; parents are welcome to offer assistance.

Note: Staff are in attendance for all Pupil Free days and also on the following pre and post term dates: January 27th – 31st, July 13th – 17th, October 24th, December 17th – 18th



*Pupil free days*
(these are days when staff are at school, but children do not attend)