Our Community

Our community is at the centre of all that we do.

As a member of our community, we want to make sure you have all the information you need. Below you’ll find a list of resources.

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Daylesford Dharma School

“A noble person is mindful and thankful for the favors they receive from others.”
– Gautama Buddah-

Founding Benefactors

To those who supported the compelling vision to register the first Buddhist philosophical primary school in Australia, and funded the School’s start up year, we thank you:

Kaye L. Jacob

Venerable Thubten Gyatso and Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery

Su Dennett, Melliodora Farm

George Farley

And special gratitude to our former school parent who procured our permanent school site against great odds:

Brendon Eisner

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Benefactors

During the School’s fourteenth year, a fundraiser was held to commission our first statue. The Buddha statue is a powerful reminder to practice the teachings of peace making and harmony, values that are the basis of the school’s focus on wellbeing.

Quang Minh Temple Congregation

MP My Phuong Nguyen (major donor)

Konchok Buddhist Centre

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple, Dhammakaya Society of Victoria

Harmonious Friends Benefactors

Thank you to these friends on the path who commissioned the carving of the 4 Harmonious Friends statue by Bendigo artist Linton Torr, in memory of Hannalor, their dharma sister. Each day this reminds our students as they enter school of the power and harmony that comes when we work with cooperation.

Hannalor Best

Dianne McClure

Linda McLeod

Celia Western

Golden Dharma Wheel Supporters

We are grateful to those who help us to extract the ancient wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings and evolve it into a contemporary educational philosophy centered in developing compassion with wisdom, knowledge and insight to benefit young students.

Venerable Thich Phước Tấn OAM

Quang Minh Temple

Blue Lotus Catering

Venerable Geshe Konchok Tsering

Bao Lin Chan Monastery – Chung Tai Zen Centre of Melbourne 

Venerable Ding Rong

Venerable Ru Song 

Peter Donnellan, Donnellan Law (Vale)

Teck Suan Low 

William / Geok Eng – Chua Poh Ming Tse Temple

Evon Liow

Congregation – DOT Centre, Singapore

Bee Hong Lim – DOT Singapore

Kim Seah Lim – DOT, Singapore


Kaye Walters Bequest to garden

Lotus Lake Donors

Thank you for time and time again, showing up and giving your support to enable educational projects to bloom:


Rotary Club of Daylesford for developing our gardens

Sioux & Tim, Multiplicity Architects for our master plan

Brendon Eisner and Family

M Ogden

William Oxnam

The 108 Collective

Flintdesign Aust

Daylesford Community Op Shop


Jeremy Hartnup Builder

Peter Stripes

Greg Leith

Paget Sayers, Buddhist Library

Sam Thompson Design Services

Shane Melotte