Term Dates


2021 Calendar Dates


Term 1:

February 1st- first day of classes

March 8th- Labour Day

March 24th- pupil free day

April 1st- last day of classes

April 2nd- Good Friday


Term 2:

April 19th- first day of classes

May 21st- pupil free day

June 14th- Queen’s Birthday

June 23rd- classes end at 1.30pm then 3-Way Conferences online via zoom from 2:00PM onwards (collect children from school at 1:30PM)

June 24th - Normal classes 

June 25th- last day of classes for the term - school finishes at the usual 3:20PM


Term 3:

July 12th- first day of classes

August 20th- pupil free day

September 17th- last day of classes


Term 4:

October 6th – 8th- pupil free days (staff retreat)

October 11th- first day of classes

November 1st- pupil free day

November 2nd- Cup Day

December 14th- last day of classes

December 15th- 3-Way Conferences (attendance only during conference time)

December 16th and 17th- pupil free days

*Pupil free days*
(these are days when staff are at school, but children do not attend)