the school day

The school day has several key components. Each day begins with a whole school session of Buddhist Awareness, followed by separate class sessions of Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Studies Programs and using inquiry based learning.

The learning areas of Science, Humanities, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Technology are integrated into this daily programme. Discrete classes of Languages Chinese, Phys Ed, Visual Arts and Performing Arts are timetabled each week.

A weekly drama class integrates Literacy and Music and supports regular learning celebrations held each term. Weekly Fine Art classes support the term themes and develop specific artistic skills and experience in different media.

Personal and Interpersonal Learning are incorporated into the underlying approaches to daily studies. A hands-on project with students in cross-age groupings occurs once a week. Special event days are held regularly where students engage with each other and the local community on key topics related to the term theme.