universal responsibility

Loving kindness and universal responsibility underpins care for our environment.

The Daylesford Dharma School believes that educators and education providers have a responsibility – indeed a great opportunity – to make a significant contribution to the long term protection and sustenance of our environment.

This becomes apparent when we take into account the strong potential for the continuum of a student’s experiences to extend beyond their school years, informed by the type of education they have received.

We consider that our school – all schools, in fact – play a vital role regarding matters of the environment. If we use a Buddhist perspective to look at the causes for the current state of our planet, it could be concluded that this situation is the direct result of a lack of loving kindness.

It is clear that loving kindness is not the primary motivation for the current development of our society. This is reflected in the prevalence of education systems that support only the skills for a vocation and getting ahead in the world; that promote a materialistic attitude to living and where the inner development of students takes second priority.

This reflects not only a missed opportunity for schools to make a positive contribution to the well being of the planet, but may very well be contributing to the continuing degradation of our world.

A strong emphasis on teaching the noble qualities of loving kindness and universal responsibility can be viewed as a pathway to positive change on a global scale.

caring for the environment