A community of caring support and shared values.

We invite our whole school community to support the principle of non-harm and the development of wisdom and compassion.

In turn we support our staff, students, families and volunteers with the skills development to facilitate peaceful communications and conflict resolution, reflective practices and emotional learning.

We hold with the view that a multiplicity of spiritual traditions is necessary in the world, and that plurality of religious and spiritual traditions caters for the wide variety of people’s dispositions and aspirations. We encourage opportunities to cultivate understanding and mutual respect through interfaith dialogues and events, as foundations for an inclusive and harmonious society.

Parents and friends of Daylesford Dharma School are warmly invited to contribute to the life of our school in the manner that most befits and benefits the support of our children on their learning journey.




“Whatever path of action you find, if this path brings about good and happiness to all, follow this way like the moon in the path of the stars.”

~ The Buddha