The Daylesford Dharma School offers an educational philosophy that draws upon the methods and wisdom of Buddhist teachings.

Buddhism has been called "the science of the mind" as the quality of reasoning is highly regarded by its practitioners. It teaches the development of wisdom and compassion as a pathway to develop human potential.

At the Daylesford Dharma School, children develop their intelligence through critical thinking and awareness, informed by compassion and universal responsibility.

Our educational philosophy recognises the interdependent nature of all life. This inspires the ethical principle of non-harm that informs all aspects of our curricula. We pay particular attention to developing children’s capacity to grow as kind and wise individuals, who are empowered by the view of universal responsibility in how they shape their world and coexist with others.

We invite our school community to support the ethical practice of non-harm and the development of wisdom and compassion. In turn we will support our educational community; staff, students, families and other members, with skills development on how to facilitate peaceful communications and conflict resolution, reflective practices and emotional learning. We foster a spirit of sustainable co-existence, respect and peaceful dialogue in all relationships.

The Daylesford Dharma School curriculum offers daily integrated reflection periods to promote self-awareness and emotional development. Our pastoral curriculum utilizes logic and debate, the creative arts, meditation and ethics in an integrated approach to learning. Our programmes support the pursuit of excellence in literacy, numeracy, social studies, science and technology and conform to Australian Curriculum Standards. We strive to create a nurturing, inspiring and creative learning environment where critical thinking, meditation and creativity work in union throughout the whole curriculum.

Students, families and staff of all and no faiths are welcome to join the Daylesford Dharma School community. We hold the view that a multiplicity of spiritual traditions is necessary in the world, and that plurality of religious and spiritual traditions caters for the wide variety of people’s dispositions and aspirations. We encourage opportunities to cultivate understanding and mutual respect through interfaith dialogues and events, as foundations for an inclusive and harmonious society.

A Board of Governors will continue to guide the philosophy and functioning of the Daylesford Dharma School according to Buddhist principles including wisdom, compassion, interdependence and respect for all life.

“I consider education to be an instrument. Whether that instrument is used rightly or wrongly depends on our basic human motivation…”
~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama