The Daylesford Dharma School (the School) was born thirteen years ago from a compelling vision; to
nurture children’s capacity to grow into kind and wise individuals as they engage in a contemporary
Australian education. The School’s strategic plan and governance holds this clear aspiration for our
students and community at the centre of the school’s operations and activities.

As the first registered Buddhist philosophical primary school in Australia, we are an innovator of
wisdom and compassion education. To this end, the Principal and staff of the school are supported by
a committed Board of Governance (the Board), a Dharma Education subcommittee of skilled academic
experts, an experienced Learning Manager, and a school community with a strong buy-in to the values
and ethos of the school.

When we identify ourselves as a ‘Dharma’ philosophical school, we are referring to the teachings of
the Buddha that ‘protect the mind to walk a noble path’. This is the meaning of Dharma. We seek to
instil these qualities in our students and expect that our staff and the Board of Governance will
similarly approach their roles with this noble sentiment in thought, speech and action.
The school focuses strongly on personalised learning that develops each student’s emerging
awareness through a scaffolded Buddhist philosophical investigation. This investigation promotes
educational excellence through deep inquiry, with wisdom and compassion at its core.

Our Strategic Plan 2023-2027 begins with a focus on the Daylesford Dharma School’s organisational
structure, which is supported by our Mission, Values and Principles to guide our decision making,
governance and operational processes. The growth and development of the School’s enrolments,
curriculum, infrastructure and financial sustainability are also addressed.

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